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Samina Muhammad

I was raised in Pakistan in an abusive environment and due to the abuse I started suffering from anxiety from very young age which later on turned into clinical depression when I was a teenager.

Then I got married when I turned twenty, thinking it would be the start of an adventure but eventually it turned into my worst nightmare. I continued to suffer in silence and had a lot of trouble raising two demanding kids as my son was suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I was put into really tough situations throughout my life but I survived. Then my marriage broke and I got separated from my kids because of being depressive.

Later on I remarried but after two years that broke too. But this time depression could not defeat me and I started helping people around and learning about Islam, making the good use of my solitude. In between, I had few more heartaches and betrayals. Then finally the biggest trauma of my life, the departure of my beloved son from this world.

Currently I’m working on my mission to bring peace, between the two countries, Pakistan and India. I’m gathering everyone on a platform to end the war. This is the first step and eventually there will be peace.

For the time being, I’m living with my parents and my younger brother also lives here with his three adorable kids.

A Tribute to my Son